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How it works

Cooling Therapeutic Devices that Accelerate the Body’s Natural Healing Process

Cooling therapies have been used for centuries to reduce swelling and accelerate healing. 

The problems: 

  • ice can be too cold at first, creating risk of ice burn or frost bite, and then melt quickly – leaving a watery mess.
  • water circulating devices are bulky, expensive and complicated and require the user to be in static position, near a power source. 

NanoCore has developed wearable cooling therapeutics regulated to the optimal healing and cooling temperatures. 

Rather than infusing cold, NanoCore’s cooling devices pull heat away from the injured area, reducing inflammation, swelling and pain. This allows your body to do what it does best: heal itself naturally.

What it Is: Cool Therapy, not Cold Therapy.  Unlike ice or gel, NanoCore uses an alkane hydrocarbon solution, a temperature-regulated thermal wax, inside the clear pockets of each wearable wrap that recharges (or cools) in less than 30 minutes in a refrigerator or freezer. No batteries or cords required.


What It Does: NanoCore’s phase change materials maintain a comfortable therapeutic temperature for an ideal length of time and will not overcool -- eliminating risk of ice burn or frostbite.


How to Use: To activate the cooling therapeutic (when the cells of your wrap are in a liquid state), place the device in the refrigerator or freezer. 


When it's Ready: In 20-30 minutes, the clear pockets turn bright white when reaching a solid cool state.    

 How to Wear (against skin or over clothing): Place the wrap on your body, clear side facing in, and secure it with the Velcro straps provided until it fits comfortably. If you don't like the way it feels directly against your skin, you can place it over a thin garment, ensuring it is snug enough to your body that you can still feel the cooling effect. 


In a Nutshell....

Rather than infusing cold, it pulls heat away from the injured area, reducing inflammation, swelling and pain, and allowing your body to do what it does best: heal itself naturally.